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We save time, money & hassle by simplifying the access to public healthcare abroad. Our services offer a fast- track to finding your way with foreign administration.


To be the go-to platform on how to "health-care" abroad. We believe in automation and digitalization as a tool for transformation of the frustrating bureaucratic practices globally.


  • Greta Stefanova Co-Founder & Managing director

    Greta is the CEO & Co-founder of WHISP. Her first- hand bitter experience with the problem as an expat in 7 different countries became the trigger for WHISP. She’s well- versed in healthcare administration abroad & is responsible for the business development, strategic planning & growth. She executes & develops the interaction design, carries on the product management, functionalities & brand identity of the platform.

  • Teodor Terziev CTO & Tech Lead

    Teo is an experienced software developer with 15+ years in the IT industry. His expertise includes technologies such as back-end software development, big data processing, micro- services’ integration, payment processing, video streaming & cyber security solutions. He’s been a team lead in a fast growing IT company working closely with partners from international corporations. Teo is a product owner and a head of the development of the platform.

  • Hristina Hristova Co-Founder & R&D

    Hristina is a Co-founder an evangelist of the health and med- tech optimization. Her being a part of the healthcare ecosystem as a specializing cardiologist with already 1+ years of experience as an active doctor, gives her a great know- how on the administrative practices and approaches both in the Bulgarian & European healthcare systems. She’s currently a frontline doctor.

  • Viktor Aleksiev Advisor

    A Chartered Financial Analyst & a finance professional with expertise in M&A, financial planning & alternative investments. His solid international experience & contacts in the consulting & insurance industries is a great asset for WHISP. Familiar with the problem & the potential as he is an expat himself, currently based in Munich, previously in Magdeburg, Frankfurt & London.