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We simplify the frustrating process of accessing public healthcare abroad in a cost & time-efficient manner by incorporating automated solutions


To be the go-to fully automated platform on how to "health-care" abroad.


  • Greta Stefanova Co-Founder & Managing director

    Greta is an architect with years of international experience and business relations in the Hague, Milan, Lisbon, Munich, Helsinki, Madrid, Turin and Sofia. As an ex-debater and volunteer for the UN she strives for a change for the better. After having dealth for years with the mess of the different healthcare systems all around Europe she decides to found WHISP along with her peers Petar and Hristina who share the same vision.

  • Petar Gavrilov Co-Founder & Tech Development

    Petar is a psychologist with a keen sense for business development, finance and healthcare. He has a great experience in working with international clients, process creation while monitoring and improving the quality of services. He conducts inter-personal and financial trainings on a daily basis and has a solid set of business experience. His energy and passion make him a strong part of the team’s core.

  • Hristina Hristova Co-Founder & Medical Advisor

    Hristina is an aspiring and talented doctor, specialising in cardiology with interest in psychiatry. She believes that technological optimisation of the processes in healthcare should be a priority in the medical industry. Her amazing and educated guidance by helps us smooth the rough edges of the medical industry. She believes that if you want something done you have to do it yourself and here she is.

  • George Alexandrov Advisor

    George is a professional with 20 years of experience in ICT sales and sales management. His career took him from a telco start up company that was later acquired by Deutsche Telekom, through a local software developments company, to IBM and Oracle. He’s heavily involved with Junior Achievement, where he met Greta, Hristina and Peter and volunteered to step in as an advisor, understanding the potential that their start up has.

  • Viktor Aleksiev Business & Financial advisor

    + Finance professional + Expertise in M&A, financial planning & analysis & alternative investments + International experience in banking, insurance & tech + Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA)